Tuesday, August 4, 2009

High Performance Workplace - Product Selection Matrix

The mission of TopForce is to design and deliver the concept of the High Performance Workplace within enterprises. The specific portal technology or product to realize this in, is a technical mapping. To arm our consultants with material to make an informed selection and decision for which portal product to utilize, we set up a product selection matrix.
In this matrix we position a total of 17 of what we at TopForce think are the most important portal capabilities, and map these against a total of 15 portal products and technologies. There are more than these 15 available in the market, but we intentionally delimit it to deliver an overseeable selection matrix. Within the weighted portal platforms we have the largest commercial ones (SharePoint, SAP NetWeaver, IBM WebSphere), and several open source products (e.g. Alfresco, Jahia, DotNetNuke, Hippo CMS). Also included is our own TopForce High Performance Portal offering.
The Product Selection Matrix is set up for general applicability. It therefore intentionally does not include the specifics of an enterprise situation. In a concrete selection these must of course also be considered in the decision process. You must think here of their current IT environment plus IT roadmap. However, be aware that one of the most influencing factor is often invisible; namely enterprise politics and personal IT preferences of the decision makers.

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