Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A perspective from within SAP AG on Duet Enterprise

Up until now, most news on and attention given to the new Duet Enterprise proposition seemed to come from Microsoft only; leaving SAP AG rather silent on this subject. I am therefore pleased with a first concrete signal from SAP commenting and committing onto Duet Enterprise. Somya Kapoor from the Duet Enterprise Solution Management Team at SAP recently shared some thoughts from within SAP on the Duet Enterprise proposition.

Some noticable statements in this short interview:
  • "Duet Enterprise is primarily focussed on integrating SAP and SharePoint - as opposed with Duet which focussed on integrating SAP and Microsoft Office"
  • "We [SAP] are aiming at customers who have SharePoint deployments, or experiences with it;
  • "We [SAP] want to bring the collaboration expertise of SharePoint into the SAP business processes in the back-end.

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