Friday, November 4, 2011

Programatically open SPSite using Windows Credentials

In a Proof of Concept I employ a SPListMembershipProvider for forms-based access into (sub)sites. For the PoC, a SPList in the rootweb is utilized as User Administration. In SharePoint 2010 architecture, Claims-Based authentication is handled by SecureToken service application. In the local development image, the STS service application may run under the same Application Pool account as the SharePoint webapplication. But this is not recommended, thus not to be expected within a real farm setup. As result, it is not possible to directly access from within runtime STS context the list in the external SPSite.
SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges cannot help here; that only be used within the same application pool context. Instead the proper way is to open the SPSite in the external SPWebApplication via the credentials of a SPUser in that site; e.g. that of a service account. Problem is that the SharePoint API does not directly provide a way to open a SPSite with Windows Credentials. You can open a site under the credentials of a SharePoint user, but you need the SPUserToken of the user for this. And guess what, you can only determine that token when within the context of the site. Talking about a chicken-egg situation.
However I came up with a manner to get out of this loop. It consists of a 2-steps approach: first programmatically impersonate under the credentials of the service account, open the site, determine the SPUserToken of the site’s SystemAccount, and undo the impersonation; second apply the SPUserToken to (re)open the site under the authorization of the site’s SystemAccount. Since Windows Impersonation is a resource intensive operation, cache the SPUserToken in memory so that the impersonation is only initially required within the process lifetime.

internal static SPUserToken SystemTokenOfSite(Guid siteId)
    string account, pw, domain;
    RetrieveCredentialsFromSecureStore(<AppId>, out domain, out account, out pw);

    ImpersonationHelper _impersonator = new ImpersonationHelper(account, domain, pw);
    try {

        SPSite initialAccessIntoSite = new SPSite(siteId);
        return initialAccessIntoSite.SystemAccount.UserToken;
    } finally {

if (sysToken == null)
    sysToken = SecurityUtils.SystemTokenOfSite(memberSitesToId[websiteIdent]);

SPSite site = new SPSite(memberSitesToId[websiteIdent], sysToken);

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