Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've earned my first SAP SDN forum points for providing a Solution..

The integration and interoperability of SAP and .NET environments is a subject which receives attention both from the SAP as from the .NET developer's community. It's for example interesting to see that both the Microsoft (MSDN) as SAP Developer Network (SDN) have a forum dedicated to this subject. Since the subject is all about integration, I as a .NET developer also like to keep up with the SAP SDN forum. And even contribute my bit when I'm able to help out someone in the SAP/.NET community who is struggling with questions or problems. It's gets even beter when your response is appreciated. So I've earned as a .NET developer my very first 'Forum Points' on the SAP NetWeaver .NET Technologies forum; on answering the question Calling a function module using C#. Especially motivating when you consider that this was my first contribution to this forum; I hope that more will follow, and also to learn myself from solutions of others on this forum.

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