Friday, July 10, 2009

Tip – Provision custom publishing masterpage, pagelayouts and webparts always via a Feature with Site-scope, not Web-scope

The masterpage and webpart galleries for publishing sites live at the top level site (rootWeb) in a sitecollection, not at individual sites. This can be misleading, since every subsite get its own ‘_catalog/masterpage’ and ‘_catalog/wp’ folders. The Publishing functionality however only goes to the gallery at the top level site; for the masterpages (Site and System), pagelayouts as well as for building up the list of selectable webparts.
A best practice is to provision your custom masterpage, pagelayouts and .webpart definition files via a Feature. Thereby you must specify the level at which the feature is applied. For MasterPage, PageLayouts and .webpart files the appropriate level appears thus to be ‘Scope=Site’. However, it is also allowed to set ‘Scope=Web’, as long as you’re activating the web-scoped feature in the rootweb. But when you activate such a feature in a subsite, the results are less. It appears as if the SharePoint feature mechanism simple ignores the request to provision masterpage and pagelayouts into ‘_catalog/masterpage’, and .webpart files into ‘_catalog/wp’. They are simple not added anywhere. Not at the indicated subsite level, which would also be useless given the publishing behaviour. But also not at the rootweb level. Annoying is that no signal of this is given, no error reporting but simple ignored to provision the SharePoint files at the incorrect subsite level. Ok that stsadm doesn’t signal it, but I would have expected an error indication when activating the feature via the GUI. And at the least I expected to find some information about it in the extensive SharePoint logs in the 12hive. In reality none, instead the feature framework just silently ignores the feature specifications which are logically incorrect when activated at subsite level.
So, what then to do when you what to provision content to a publishing site at subsite level ? I recommend the following 2-steps approach:
  1. Provision your masterpage, pagelayouts, and .webpart files to the catalog gallery at rootlevel; apply a Feature with scope = Site.
  2. Provision your site structure (libraries, lists) and content via a Web-scoped Feature; and activate this against your specific site, the root or a child subsite. E.g. http:<root-entry>/Intranet

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