Monday, October 19, 2009

First evening at SPC 2009; Las Vegas

Had an interesting first evening at SPC 2009. At first I hooked up with a former collegaue who with his wife just happens to be now also in Vegas during their holiday trip. Met at starbucks to drink a cup of coffee, and shake hands. Next went up to the Mandalay Bay Conference Center to register. Crowdy lines, lots of attentions, and also a lot of people from the Netherlands. After registration first went for a brief moment to the Welcome Party, and after a couple of beers went on to the EyeCandy bar for tonight's SharePint. There I've an appointment to meet with the well-known (in SAP/MS area) Kristian Kalsing. Crowdy here also, but after a while Kristian detects me and comes over to meet ourselves in person. After getting acquinted (with curtency of bottle of Dutch Heineken), we talk and discuss a lot about our experiences within the SAP/MS area. After a while, when Kristian is off for a moment, I involve 2 Swedish (allthough one of them later on told me he is actually from Norway) in our get together. Exchanged both SharePoint thoughts, as well as ideas on Las Vegas. Very nice to meet fellow SharePointer's this way, and discuss what's on our minds. O yeah, also shortly met an (english, of course) recruiter who told us that his main reason for attending is to get to known SharePoint professionals, and that he typical as 5 job oppertunities available per SharePoint'er. Yeah man, SharePoint really is hot now; and will explode with the arrival of SharePoint 2010.

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