Sunday, December 13, 2009

SAP Influencer Summit '09 exhibits evidence of the Microsoft connection

Above blog reports on the SAP Influencer Summit held last week in Boston. At this summit, the mid-term future directions of SAP as IT and solutions company where presented to the audience of 275 analysts and IT influencers.
Noticable in the context of SAP / Microsoft interoperability are the following observations:
  • Silverlight was formally named as the user interface surface of choice over Adobe’s Flex, and Sharepoint & Office interoperability is clearly seen as the path forward over that horizon. The dev environment is similarly on the .net side of the ocean.
  • Excel and Crystal Reports (and SAP’s Xcelsius) are similarly foundational components to analytics reporting and dashboarding.
Makes me wonder: is SAP finally making a renewed stand on the integration and interoperability of the SAP and Microsoft platforms + products? The fact that noise and attention from SAP on the recently by Microsoft announced DUET Enterprise is yet effectively non-present, is at least confusing with the messages made at the summit. I guess we'll still have to wait and see whether and in which direction(s) the 2 companies will interoperate and partner.

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