Sunday, June 20, 2010

Installing CU 2010.0 corrupts local SharePoint environment

As at many, at my current customer deployment we're running our local SharePoint development environments in a virtualized image (currently Virtual PC; before it was VMWare Workstation). Recently we developers were informed by the SDE team on the availability of Cumulative Update 2010.0. Main reason to install that CU within your own local development environment is to come in sync again with the SharePoint installation state at the hosting platforms (development, QA and production).
Last week I installed the update. To discover next that my local SharePoint environment was broken! None of the local SharePoint sites would start up, including Central Admin. Running the Configuration Wizard also halted with an error. The eventlog contained the following error: The schema version ( of the database WSS_Content_Project on <Machinename> is not consistent with the expected database schema version ( on <Machinename>. Connections to this database from this server have been blocked to avoid data loss. Upgrade the web front end or the content database to ensure that these versions match.
Via this message I found the cause + solution in the following post: The schema version ( of the database sps_content_db on MOSS. And indeed, after manually modifying for each SharePoint content database the version to (in my case), all local SharePoint sites came back to live again.

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