Thursday, October 28, 2010

SAP project "Gateway" and Duet Enterprise

Project "Gateway" was prominent on the agenda of this years SAP TechEd. In an interview with, SAP’s Chief Technology Officer Vishal Sikka got into more detail on the role and proposition of Gateway, and the relation it has with the Duet Enterprise product.
Some remarkable statements, and messages derived from this interview:
  • Gateway is the bridge from the existing system, e.g. [SAP ERP] 4.6c application with all customizations, to the new world – SharePoint, Facebook, Twitter; without requiring your SAP customers to upgrade to a new version which is inherently service enabled.
  • Gateway is a mechanism to enable an existing SAP system that is dark to the outside world, and to put windows on it.
  • SAP Enterprise Services are usually large, and they are designed for process consumption, not for UIs.
  • The Gateway, think of it as a protocol adapter, that you can attach to a legacy SAP system and have it speak to the world outside.
  • Duet Enterprise is a product we have built with Microsoft that has the Gateway inside it that has the abilities to connect the world of SharePoint.

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