Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make AudienceFilter webpart setting visible without User Profile Service Application started

In current project we aim to apply SharePoint's audiencing mechanisme for content targetting. As audience filters we'll use SharePoint group membership, we will not derive the audience from User Profile properties. In our current state of SharePoint farm, the User Profile service application is even not available .
One of the advantages of SharePoint audiencing is that it is out-of-the-box available for every webpart; standard SharePoint and custom webparts. However, when we intended to apply an audience filter to a standard ContentEditorWebPart in our test-environment, we were confronted with a missing Audiencing setting in the webpart toolpart. Search on the web points to prerequiste of the User Profile service application being activated. However, this is neither possible in our farm infrastructure planning, nor needed for the manner in which our application will use audiencing, that is on basis of SPGroup memberships.
Via reverse engineering SharePoint code [using .NET Reflector] I found out what directly determines the visiblity of the AudienceFilter webpart property. The responsible AdvancedToolpart class does a check on the web.config for config property "SharePoint/RuntimeFilter": if the property is not present, or the referred assembly is not valid, none of the webparts in this SharePoint webapplication will display the AudienceFilter webpart property in their toolpart. I validated this by outcommenting in web.config the property; for instance the toolpart of a ContentEditorWebPart then misses the AudienceFilter setting. After reinstating the web.config property, and reopening the toolpart; the webpart property is visible again. And thus available for usage for filters on basis of SharePoint groups, or a custom AudienceProvider.

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