Monday, August 15, 2011

Deleted SPWeb in RecycleBin can obstruct deactivation of Sandboxed Solution

The other day, upon deactivating a Sandboxed Solution in our test farm, SharePoint aborted on it with the message:
Cannot access web-scoped feature {GUID} because it has references to a site with id {GUID}.
System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWebCollection.get_Item(Guid id)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFeatureEnumeratorBase.GetCachedWeb(SPSite site, Guid webId, Guid featureId)
We earlier encountered this problem in the development farm. Thorough investigation by SharePoint operations together with development led to the conclusion that the SharePoint content database had reached a corrupt state due deletion of a SPWeb. On that SPWeb a Feature provisioned via the Sandboxed Solution had been activated. And now after deletion of that SPWeb, apparently a lock internal in the SharePoint content database was present obstructing disablement of that Feature. And since it is not recommended - and certainly unsupported - to manually alter a SharePoint content database, there seemed no other realistic approach to get out of this erroneous situation as by recreating and reprovisioning the entire sitecollection.
For the development instance, this was an acceptable pragmatic solution. However, in our test environment a lot of content is already created by end-users. Just throwing away the SPSite and replacing it by a brand new, is not viable. The only remaining solution seemed to afterwards restore the backed-up content into the new SPSite. Not undoable, but it will take time [to setup and execute the site content restore; and next to validate the correctness and completeness of it]. And moreover, it will result in a loss of trust by our end-users and customer on the robustness of SharePoint 2010 as application platform. If it happens once [actually twice], what guarantee is there it will not happen again?
Luckily, then I had a smart thought while discussing the problem symptons with a co-developer. If the problem appeared to be caused by the deletion of a SPWeb, would it then help to restore this SPWeb instance from the RecycleBin? Worth a try. And guess what: it did!! After the earlier deleted SPWeb had been restored from the recyclebin, the earlier activated Sandboxed Solution could next successfully be deactivated.

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