Friday, November 18, 2011

Excel 2010 Protected View hinders browser-opening of downloaded .xlsx file

An user requirement in one of our SharePoint 2010 projects is to export at any moment the displayed contents of an External List (with content originating from SAP ERP, retrieved via SharePoint BCS connecting to BAPI based web services) to an offline file. The functional rationale is version-administration for history and auditing purposes. The SharePoint platform supports this out-of-the-box for regular Lists, by the Export into Excel functionality. However, not so for BCS External Lists. But you can realize it yourself via some custom code. First retrieve the External List contents, and next construct a .xlsx file via Open XML SDK. The .xlsx file is generated server-side in memory, and send to the browser as HttpResponse content. The end-user can next either open the file, or save it somewhere at client-side:
Strange thing I noticed was that when saving the file, that saved file can next be opened successfully. But when instead choose to directly open the file, Excel 2010 displays the error message “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”.
This must be a client-side issue; the server-side is not aware of the context in which the client-side handles the received HttpResponse (Note: via Fiddler I even analyzed that the HttpResponse contents were identical).

The resolution is hinted at in the File Download window, by the trust-warning about internet downloaded files. The default Excel 2010 TrustSettings are to distrust all downloaded content from non-trusted locations. To validate this I unchecked in Excel 2010 the default settings (via File \ Options \ TrustCenter \ TrustCenter Settings \ Protected View):
This helps, Excel 2010 now direct opens the downloaded file.

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