Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shared thought - achieving successfully SAP / Microsoft interoperability requires combined knowledge of both in a single team

Kristian Kalsing has published an interview on his blog in which Mike Fitzmaurice of Nintex gives a.o. his opinion on the current maturity of SAP / Microsoft interoperability in actual implementations. Bottom line, the technology stacks of both platforms have progressed enough, main obstacle in the current stadium is at the combined knowledge of both in the enterprise. Problem there is that in the typical organisation structure, the IT management of SAP respectively Microsoft environments is done by separate IT teams, sometimes even within separate departments. I placed a comment that I totally agree with Mike on his statement, and that I think that an essential factor for succesfully approaching SAP / Microsoft interoperability in an enterprise is to combine the knowledge + experience of both in a single team. However, it's like Kristian states in his reaction, "When a solution is required, it's usually handed to either the SAP camp or the Microsoft camp. Rarely are solutions architected to span across the two technology stacks".
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