Monday, March 29, 2010

Beware: usage of ImageButton can cause a 401 NotAuthorized in external facing site

In one of our custom webparts we are using the ASP.NET ImageButton class. Instead of setting the image-source via the ImageUrl property, we specify the image via CSS. All works fine. That is, until we "got anonymous". Suddenly when browsing to a page with our WebPart on it, the (acceptance test) end-user was confronted with the IE loginbox. Via Fiddler (how I love this http debugging tool) I quickly detected the indirect cause: IE issued an HTTP GET for the URL of the Pages document library. In an authenticated mode this will pass unnoticed. But for an anonymous user the particular HTTP GET will result in a 401 NotAuthorized on trying to directly access the Pages folder URL.
So the next question was what caused the browser to issue this request for the Pages URL? Well, this was the direct result of our on intention lack of setting the ImageUrl property, in favor of flexible CSS specification. The resulting HTML is then something like:
<input type="image" name=" ... " class="ImgClass" src="" ... />
IE (6) browsers interpretate the empty image-src attribute as referring to the relative root of the webpage. In our case with the WebPart placed on a publishing page, this translates to a request for the Pages folder URL. FireFox and Chrome do not exhibit this behavior, they simple ignore the empty source attribute as it should. The solution for preventing IE to request the NotAuthorized Pages URL is to set a non-empty value for the ImageUrl property. It’s not even required to point to an existent image file. In that case the HTTP request will silently result in a 404 NotFound HTTP response. And since the image is set via CSS, the visual effect in the UI remains unnoticed for the end-user. I dislike polluting the HTTP transfer between browser and server with requests which are known before to fail. Therefore I point to ImageUrl to the current and available image-file. Via CSS it is then still possible to later flexible modify the displayed image.

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