Saturday, October 2, 2010

Steps HowTo begin with SAP / MS interoperability

Important aspect of applying SAP-Microsoft interoperability within a company IT landscape, is how to start. Almost always the Microsoft and SAP departments form their own community in the company, with only limited contacts and co-operation between them, and no clear understanding of each others platforms, technologies and capabilities. See also earlier posts of Kristian Kalsing [1] and of myself [2] addressing this issue.
Raymond Smith [Microsoft Corporation] published an interesting article on this: Building an SAP/Microsoft Interoperability Team. In his article he distinguishes and details on the following aspects:

Aspects of Building an SAP/Microsoft Interoperability Team

  1. Build a SAP Interoperability Lab
  2. Determine a Proof of Concept Business Process
  3. Build Your Interoperability Team
  4. Cross Train Developers
  5. SAP Interoperability Training
  6. Determine Architecture
    • Security
    • SAP Architecture
    • SharePoint/.NET Architecture
  7. POC Development
I recognize [most of] these steps from own experiences with SAP / MS interoperability implementations. For the details, I strongly advice to read Raymond's article.

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