Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Duet Enterprise BDC Publisher requires 'Z' prefix

Beware that when using the BDC Publisher tool to generate the SAP Gateway service (in SPROXY) and associated SharePoint BDC Model, to enter a prefix that starts with a 'Z'. Otherwise the BDC Publisher will immediately abort, with error message 'No license to edit object R3TR FUGR...'. I did not immediately link this error message to the apparent SAP obligation of starting 'Z'. It cost me some elapse time (a.o. checking our systems license, my own profile, ...) before I rather coincidently detected that starting the BDC Publisher prefix with 'Z' fixes the issue:
Apparent this Z-obligation is common in SAP development; so common that consulted SAP experts didn’t even think of this as cause. The displayed error message also doesn't immediate puts you on the right direction.
I notified the Duet Enterprise product development team of this issue, including suggestion to prevent it by auto-fill in the 'Z' in the BDC Publisher screen.

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