Monday, July 23, 2012

Influence on Duet Enterprise product development + roadmap

The Next View engages in select international comitee with SAP on development and roadmap of Duet Enterprise
The Next View is regarded in the Netherlands as the Duet Enterprise expert. SAP itself also recognizes this. We are therefore SAP Partner on SAP / Microsoft interoperability. SAP Netherlands refers customers that seek for information and guidance on this subject to us, and actively engages us in Duet Enterprise consultations. The Duet Enterprise product team in Walldorf and Bangalore [very much] appreciates the feedback we give based on our experiences with the product. As such we are also asked to participate in the Duet Enterprise Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI). This is a select international group of partners and customers that take the lead with implementations of Duet Enterprise. Participating organizations come from Germany, Australia, England, Denmark, and The Next View as sole and exclusive Dutch partner.
The CEI concept is to provide input for desired developments in the Duet Enterprise product roadmap. Also the Duet Enterprise product team demonstrates (potential) new product features, and inputs new ideas to discuss with and be assessed by the CEI participants. As the disclosed information concerns potential future product features, all CEI participants prior have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
The recent Duet Enterprise 2.0 Preview announcement proves that via the CEI concept we (The Next View) indeed exert influence on the development of the product. Our main criticism on Duet Enterprise 1.0 is the missing of OData interoperability support. The underlying SAP NetWeaver Gateway integration layer includes OData provider support since version 2.0. The bottleneck here is that SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services does not include OData consumption support. But now using OData sources with BCS is added in the upcoming SharePoint 2013, the next version of Duet Enterprise can utilize this to consume SAP data and processes.

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