Monday, June 24, 2013

Inconvenient Import-SPWeb with Sandboxed Solutions

In current project we deliver an initial SharePoint site-collection as white-label site. The aim is we utilize the initial site as template for concrete label websites. Challenge is how to duplicate the white-label site collection into a concrete label site. Backup-SPSite plus Restore-SPSite is an option, but requires that you restore each copy to its own content database. Reason is that Restore-SPSite preserves the siteid from the original / backed-up site, and this conflicts with the white-label site (and any other restored site) in same content database.
Second option is to restore the site collection structure via combination of Export-SPWeb plus Import-SPWeb. Approach is to export the root web plus all its recursive sub webs; and import them in a fresh created empty site collection.
When doing this, the import job halted with error:
Inspecting the Import log revealed that it concerned a SPList based on ListTemplate provisioned via feature in a Sandboxed solution. And this results in a sequencing issue: the list is first to be created in the copy site, before the sandboxed solution is also added plus activated within the copy site.
Solution is to upload and activate the Sandboxed solution within the fresh copy site collection, before running the Import-SPWeb.
Note that default you cannot download solutions from the solution gallery of the white-label site collection. But you can fix that by adding a view to the solution gallery with includes ‘Name’ as view column.

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