Sunday, May 4, 2014

GWPAM renamed into SAP Gateway for Microsoft, short GWM

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator voor Microsoft’, that is a mouthful. This long name arose in several variations of how the product is actually being called in the market and press, resulting in confusion and making it difficult to find product information. SAP product management has acknowledged this drawback effect, and they now have a more catchy product name assigned: SAP Gateway for Microsoft, abbreviated as GWM.
Other GWM news besides this name change is the availability of GWM Service Pack 02. Key parts of SP2 are alignment with Visual Studio 2012 [modern UI] look and feel, support for Microsoft Office 2013, support of SAP Fiori services consumption, and a project template for building your own Excel Add-In. Earlier versions of GWM already include the capability to link an Excel sheet to a Gateway REST/OData service for (mass) data management. This feature is aimed for business people who arrange their own (master)data management via Excel. The new Excel Add-in template is designed specifically for the developer, to build your own innovative solutions with Excel UI platform.
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