Friday, August 15, 2014

Tip for ‘Secure Store Service application is not accessible’

This week I was forced to restart our SharePoint 2013 single-server system. After the server had restarted, Duet Enterprise 2.0 Single Sign-On gave an error: The Secure Store Service application Secure Store Service is not accessible. The full exception text is: An error occurred while making the HTTP request... Opening Secure Store Service Application in Central Management displayed the same error. I checked IIS Manager: the applications pools of the SharePoint Web Services were all running. Retried to recycle, but problem stayed. Even after a brute IISReset.
I already was preparing myself for inspecting the full identity trail of the app pool account to detect whether comprimized, and/or potentially even repair Secure Store Service application. But in a bright moment, I thought of inspecting ‘Manage Services on Server’. Secure Store Service showed in the overview as ‘Started’. As quick trial-and-error attempt, I stopped and next (re)started the Secure Store Service. And guess what: this resolved the issue! Easy infra fix after all, when you think of it.

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