Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recover from SharePoint 2013 Search and CryptoGraphic mismatch - 'Key does not exist'

SharePoint Search Application is applied to crawl external data via Duet Enterprise 2.0. In the Duet Enterprise authentication flow from SharePoint to SAP, the SSA process via Business Connectivity Services invokes Secure Token Service to runtime create an X.509 authentication user certificate for the SharePoint account under which the search crawling is executed. (See 'How authentication works in Duet Enterprise 2.0').
This worked fine, until I upgraded the SharePoint 2013 landscape to the latest released cumulative updates: Sept + Oct 2014. Part of the upgrade steps is to temporarily disable the SharePoint Search services, and restart them after the CU installations. However, afterwards it appeared that the runtime Duet Enterprise SSO behavior was broken. The crawl log on the external content source reported structurally the error Exception in invoking the ODataExtensionProvider of type 'OBA.Server.Canary.ObaOdataServerExtensionProvider'. And the ULS contains on constant basis the error 'The search connector framework caught an exception from BDC: Exception in invoking the ODataExtensionProvider of type 'OBA.Server.Canary.ObaOdataServerExtensionProvider'. (Key does not exist. )'
But this is only when the BCS OData service is invoked from Search Crawling context. Using the same SharePoint user credentials to interactively retrieve SAP data in a SharePoint site still works, and successful retrieves the external SAP data applying Duet Enterprise 2.0 Single Sign-On.
Recovery fix:
Restart the SharePoint Search service (OSearch15), to force a reset of the runtime memory in that process and resync with CryptoGraphic on Windows OS level.

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