Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beware, sign-in-as-different-user insufficient with Provider-hosted Apps

When verifying the end-user behaviour of a SharePoint functionality, it is sometimes useful to simulate using the application as another (test)user. SharePoint includes a convenient native capability that enables one to sign-in as another user direct from within the browser. However, be aware that this is insufficient in case your SharePoint 2013 scenario includes the usage of Provider-hosted Apps. SharePoint’s login-as-other-user namely only applies to the SharePoint webapplication process, it does not propagate to the browser-authentication of the external app-hosting webserver(s). The consequence is that ‘login-as-other-user’ is incomplete, successful applied in the SharePoint context, but still the original logged-on user in the Provider-hosted apps. And the App(s) will then access SharePoint resources as the original user, resulting in an inconsistent user context.
Approaches to successful achieve complete login-as-other-user are either to use Firefox, and utilize explicit login – on SharePoint webapplication and all of the Provider-hosted Apps. Or you can use IE, but then you first need to administrate per domain - for the SharePoint webapplication including SharePoint-hosted Apps, and for each webserver that hosts Provider-hosted Apps -, in the Windows Credential Store the credentials of the (test)user you aim to impersonate. And replace them all before accessing the application as another user, either as yourself or another test-account; and next restart with a fresh IE instance.

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