Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Handy resource for Excel Services external data troubleshooting

I have a 2-steps setup for a dashboard-solution provisioned via Excel-services:
  1. Functional data managers / compliance officers: maintain the data offline in Excel worksheets, and when the data maintenance effort is finished publish the worksheet as datasource to SharePoint document libary
  2. A separate 'View' dashboard connects via Excel Services to the 'datasource' Excel worksheets, and renders the dashboard - charts, KPIs and so on; This 'view' dashboard worksheet is via Excel Web Access rendered on the SharePoint dashboard page
Opening the dashboard page results in error message Unable to refresh data for a data connection in the workbook..... In the ULS log, only minimal relevant information was logged: "Refresh failed for <data connection> in the workbook....". Via internet search I found a very valuable resource, Excel Services data refresh flowchart (codename: Excel Services Troubleshooting). This helped me find and fix the problem.

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