Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't: Publishing + 'Anyone who can read items'

I got a Lync ('Skype for Business') call from a colleague informing me that the layout of our SharePoint 2013 based 'Digital Workplace' appears broken. I checked, and indeed it looked awful. So I asked in our team whether anyone was doing something to our intranet in production. After first denial (natural behaviour??), the perpetrator was identified. A developer had made a change to the masterpage, saved but intentionally did not publish to avoid that regular readers would already see it. Strangely however, as soon as saved, all intranet visitors saw his work - which was evidently still 'works in progress'. The explanation that all saw the unpublished version was quickly found: the Masterpage Gallery was incorrect set that 'Draft' items can be seen by "Anyone who can read items"... Corrected this to "Anyone who can edit items".

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