Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Peculiar but Explained: Access Denied on page in search result preview

This morning I noticed that a page present in search result, displayed 'Sorry, you don't have access to this page' in the preview pane. Peculiar as an authorization principle of SharePoint Enteprise Search is that the search result is security trimmed, and only returns results for which the logged-on user has authorization to see. Brainstorming with a colleague we came up with the explanation. The search result actually included the url of a SharePoint subweb, for which I do have read-access. The page configured as 'Welcome Page' (landing page) in this subweb is not [yet] checked in, and therefore not available for me. And as SharePoint Search previewing applies the SharePoint publishing 'Welcome Page' redirection when hovering over (sub)web url, this explains the 'Access Denied' experience in the preview pane. Above is confirmed: after that landing page has been checked in, now in preview I see that page impression instead of the 'Access Denied'.

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