Friday, January 29, 2016

Error on Open document from Office 365 in local Office 2010 client

We are preparing for a transition to Office 365. Current we’re conducting analysis steps to identify steps and potential issues. We use a trial Office 365 tenant subscription. Today I encountered an issue that when trying to open in native Office 2010 client (current still the Office standard in our company, installed on all client machines) a document administrated in SharePoint Online, the Office application structural aborts. E.g. in Word 2010:
In EventViewer, the following information is logged
Google (your friend, certainly that of myself...) referred to me a potential related information source: Set up Office 2010 desktop programs to work with Office 365 for business. However, the installation of that Office 365 Desktop setup itself fails on my laptop. So for now I'm stuck with this. Checked with some colleagues, they also experience the issue. Will contact Microsoft to inquire whether this is a known-issue / problem.

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