Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Media webpart dependent on older IE versions

When last year we brought our new SharePoint 2013 based intranet life, the company standard browser was still IE9 (the reason in some non-Microsoft webapplicaties, that exposed an hard reliance on older IE version). End 2015 we could move/upgrade to IE11. Today I received a signal from a content owner that the standard Media webpart can not be configured via the ribbon - the Media tab does not popup. I googled and tried some, to find out that this is due the IE upgrade. It appears that the standard Media webpart also has a dependency on older IE version. Pragmatic workaround for content owners is to emulate IE8 via F12 Developer Tools. This is an acceptable workaround for now, as our structural mitigation is to step away from the standard Media webpart (with a reliance on Silverlight) in favor of an html5 based setup, using Video.js library.

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