Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SharePoint mobile app + SharePoint Framework support?

The latest development approach for SharePoint customizations is via the new SharePoint Framework. MVP Waldek Mastykarz has multiple informative posts on what it is and how to utilize. In Everything you need to know about the SharePoint Framework he makes a remarkable statement: "When building solutions on the SharePoint Framework, if you follow the guidelines provided by Microsoft, not only will your solution look great on mobile devices but it will also be rendered in the native SharePoint mobile app which will be released shortly".
Remarkable, as I'm confused by how a native App could be running clientscript. So I challenged Waldek and Bill Baer via twitter to expand on that:
Well, turns out the statement is for now a bit too early. Microsoft is working on bringing this capability in the new SharePoint mobile app, and Vesa Juvonen acknowledges that Microsoft should tackle my question in their message.
UPDATE (June 13) Jeff Teper, interviewed at SharePoint Saturday Paris, answered on my question, being "We host html in JavaScript" [within the native code of the mobile app]. Although this is merely the high-over answer, and I want to understand more of the lower level details; this is sufficient for now. Details will be shared later by Microsoft and informed MVPs.

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