Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prerequisites for Office 365 implementation experts

When an organization starts with the implementation of Office 365, there is a need for different roles. Each of them puts its own requirements on people to add value for the Office 365 onboarding plus implementation.
Below an enumeration of expertise that I - on personal notice - consider as relevant to help in making Office 365 introduction succesful.
Office 365 / SharePoint Online project lead
  • Project lead at minimal 1 medium to large organization that successful transitioned to Office 365 / SharePoint Online
  • Familiar with the different stakeholders and their respective stakes/interests in Office 365 implementation project:
    • Business users
    • Security
    • SharePoint Operations
    • Identity Management team
    • Network team
  • Office 365 / SharePoint Governance knowledge + practical experience
  • Able to setup project planning, monitor the team/project progress, and adjust appropriate in case of issues
  • Structured work approach / attitude; yet also goal-oriented / pragmatic
  • Clear communication to different audiences on plans, progress and status of the project
Office 365 security expert
  • Familiar with the full range of Office 365 Security Controls
    • Access Control
    • Information Rights Management: concepts + implementation
    • Incident Response & Recovery
  • Experienced with Office 365 Identity Management + Provisioning aspects
  • Familiar with different possible authentication models (username/password, multi-factor authentication via hard- and soft-tokens), and how-to setup conditional access
Office 365 / SharePoint Online implementation + functional consultant
Understand the service on functional level: how to use the functional building blocks, their positioning, their limitations
  • At minimal 1 year, demonstrable working experience with setting up Office 365 / SharePoint Online sites + functional solutions
  • Familiar with configuration aspects in SharePoint Online
  • Familiar with global changes and deviations of SharePoint features / functions on-prem (preferable 2010) versus Online ‘Branding’
    • Lists and Libraries
    • Workflows
  • Communicate with business to analyze functional needs, and translate how to deliver on these within Office 365 landscape
  • Preferred: hands-on experience within migration from SharePoint on-prem to Online
Office 365 / SharePoint Online technical consultant
  • At minimal 1 year, demonstrable working experience with developing custom business solutions in Office 365 / SharePoint Online
    • Client-side and/or Server-side
  • Working experience with developing SharePoint Add-Ins (on-prem and/or online)
    • Client-side and Server-side
  • Experienced with Office 365 development model
    • Office 365 API
    • Azure Authentication handling (adal.js + OAuth)
    • Azure configuration + deployment
    • PowerShell scripting
  • Preferred: practical experience with the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

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