Friday, February 9, 2018

Azure AD Access Review yet useless for SharePoint External Sharing

In order to remain compliant with company-internal information security policies, it is essential to regular assess the authorizations of external guests to the external shared SharePoint Online Sites. At Ignite 2017 Microsoft announced the Azure AD capability Access Reviews. Initial I was rather enthusiastic about the concept of 'Manage guest access with Azure AD access reviews', but after some evaluation I make the personal conclusion that in the current implementation stage it is pretty useless to assess SharePoint external access.
In the current setup you can select between 2 modes to assess:
  1. Assess on Azure AD Group Membership
  2. Assess on access to an Office 365 application
However, both are useless for assessing the access to one or more specific SharePoint Online sites. In Azure AD B2B based external sharing, externals are invited to a SharePoint site via their Azure AD guest account. In this model, the guests access is neither via a specific Azure AD Group, nor are they on Azure AD level specific authorization to SharePoint Online as application. Their authorization to SharePoint as application is implicit, resulting from their invitation to one or more specific sites.
I played a bit with the 'access review' (note: the documentation on it is very scarce, and incomplete):
  • In the review mode on 'O365 SharePoint Online as application'; I get no results at all.

  • In the review mode on 'Group Membership' I selected the dynamic group that includes all guest accounts. With this review mode I do get results to review their access. But the value is limited to gain insight on last logon per guest account. You can then as reviewer make a decision to Approve or Deny the continued group membership. But in reality this review decision cannot be effectuated: the group membership is dynamic, based on condition; not on concrete addition to the group.

    Access Review on (dynamic) Azure AD Group membership Applied Access Review decision on (dynamic) Azure AD Group membership

My thoughts shared with product team + community

I reported my 'negative' evaluation as feedback to a contact in the Azure AD productgroup: "I question how it would be applied: removing the 'refused' accounts from the Dynamic Group does not make sense; they should be blocked or removed from Azure AD to block access. Also, as a site owner only wants to take responsibility for access to his/her site, the access decision application should be applied there. Not on tenant level."

His response: "I think you have some interesting use cases. As the product is still in preview, documentation is limited. I will discuss your use cases with my colleagues in Redmond responsible for Access Reviews."

In addition, I also submitted a SharePoint uservoice idea: Azure AD access review on level of single (shared) site collection

Nice post on the topic, including 'manual': Checking Office 365 Group Membership with Azure AD Access Reviews

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