Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Inject dynamic-filtering into classic-mode ListView

Earlier in my SharePoint "life", I delivered a capability in which a COTS application UI with an ASP.NET GridView, was on-the-fly augmented with dynamic filtering by utilizing list.js library: On-the-fly add client-side filtering and sorting to GridView. On occasion I refer to this as an showcase of how with simple means, a richer user experience can be delivered in SharePoint context. Last week I showed this again, and also this business user was charmed by it. But he asked to have it applied to a standard SharePoint ListView, in particular one in datasheet/quick-edit layout. I took on this challenge, and with successful result.
Screenshots to visualize the effect:
The capability itself is delivered as generic utility and deployed via private CDN. To activate on a list-view page, one merely needs to include reference to the EnrichListView.js library via a ScriptEditor webpart.

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