Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Function of SharePointResourceUrl property in BDC model

Lately we had an issue with SharePoint BCS usage. In my analysis I noticed that the value of the ‘SharePointResourceUrl’ in some models was not pointing to our SharePoint farm. But as the role of ‘SharePointResourceUrl’ parameter in BDC Models is badly documented, I was not certain this was really the problem cause. Also an Internet search on ‘SharePointResourceUrl’ only returns a few (2) hits, but none useful to explain its purpose.
This week I via-via received an answer from Microsoft Support on the functionality of this BDC model parameter. And although we already found the cause of our initial problem (it was SSL + webdispatcher related, between the external system and SharePoint farm), I still consider it worthwhile to log that described functionality.
Response from Microsoft support:
The SharePointResourceUrl is used to determine where the STS (Security Token Service) is located, i.e.:
SharePointResourceUrl + "/_vti_bin/sts/spsecuritytokenservice.svc?wsdl"
I've only encountered problems with SharePointResourceUrl on client solutions with SharePoint BCS when users sync an External List offline to Outlook or SharePoint Workspace. In these situations SharePointResourceUrl is required in order for the client to locate the STS service.

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