Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Manage Trust entire SSL certificate structure to avoid SharePoint-farm internal SSL trust issues

SharePoint BCS has the central role to consume data from external systems. One of the supported consumption approaches is via SOAP webservices. In case the external systems is SSL protected, SharePoint BCS must trust the SSL certificate of the external system. This is achieved by importing the SSL certificate in Central Admin, Manage Trust.
Recently we faced a situation that despite we set SharePoint to trust the SSL certificate, still SSL issues were reported (ULS, EventLog): An operation failed because the following certificate has validation errors....
Mind you, although the SSL issues are logged as critical, SharePoint BCS is tolerant and still sets up the connection to the external system for data exchange. But of course it is an undesired situation, certain for a production environment, that system logs (ULS, event logs) are piling up with critical errors; even when the platform is tolerant for them.
Upon investigating the logged SSL error, I noticed something strange. It was not the SSL certificate of the consumed external system that was qualified as non-trusted. Instead it appeared to be the SSL certificate that the SharePoint farm uses internally for the service communication between the SharePoint webapplication process and SharePoint BCS service application.
With this insight that the problem was internal in the SharePoint farm, the cause was good to locate. In the SharePoint farm only the certificate on lowest level was imported into SharePoint Manage Farm. Thanks to this post, SharePoint Operations learned that actual the entire certificate structure/hierarchy upto the certificate root level must be added to Manage Trust. With that fixed, the critical although tolerated errors are no longer polluting the logs on production system.

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