Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Automatic revert-to-self for InfoPath forms

(Functional) users working with more complex InfoPath forms may be familiar with below notorious error dialog:
A typical cause is that after saving the listitem, in the SharePoint background one or more workflows are triggered that also update the listitem. And that makes the state as loaded in the form (stateless setup) outdated, and InfoPath refuses next save due optimistic locking. Pragmatic way out is to force data reload in the form, and most simple approach to that is close the form as last action in the ‘Save’ rule. Drawback is that the user must self relocate the listitem again, reopen and set into edit modus.
Via javascript injection the standard InfoPath Forms Services handling can be overruled, and instead automate the relocate/reload/edit - revertToSelf:
var InfoPathCheck; var maxNrChecks = 10; $(document).ready(function(){ InfoPathCheck = setInterval(function() { //Wait for InfoPath to finish loading HasInfoPathLoaded(); }, 200); }); function HasInfoPathLoaded() { var selectAppl = $("#<form-id>"); if (selectAppl.length > 0 || --maxNrChecks === 0) { clearInterval(InfoPathCheck); if (selectAppl.length > 0) { var saveBtns = $("input[id^='<form-id>_FormControl'][value^='Save']"); if (saveBtns.length > 0) { $(saveBtns).click(function() { // Overload IP-function to return-to-self upon 'Save'. CurrentFormData_UrlToNavigateToOnClose = function(a) { return document.location.toString(); } }); } } } }

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