Friday, October 7, 2016

On-the-fly extend ECB-menu

Say you have business data administrated in a SharePoint list/library, and you want to enable a custom action on the items. In the "old days" one would create a Feature that deploys a CustomAction. But nowadays we intend to / or even must (Office 365 /SharePoint Online) avoid server-side (or sandbox) deployments. Clientside-development is the new mantra. SharePoint as webapplication is strongly javascript-based, from 2007 and beyond. Also the handling of the Edit-Control-Block menu is via SharePoint javascript code. This makes it possible to "break" into that execution, and inject some own handling. Via F12 DeveloperTools I identified where to 'break into'/extend:
var EnrichListView = window.EnrichListView || {}; EnrichListView.UI = function () { function MyCustomItemAction(itemId) { // do something with the item identified by 'itemId' } function OverloadMenuHtc_show() { $.prototype.base_MenuHtc_show = MenuHtc_show; MenuHtc_show = function(oMaster, oParent, fForceRefresh, fFlipTop, yOffset) { if ($(oMaster).find("SPAN[id='ID_EditItem']").length == 1) { var itemId = oParent.childNodes[0].id; var spanInsert = $("<SPAN text='Custom Action on item' onMenuClick='EnrichListView.UI.MyCustomItemAction(" + itemId + ")' type='option' iconAltText sequence='200' CUICommand='CustomActionItems' ></SPAN>"); $(oMaster).append(spanInsert); } $.prototype.base_MenuHtc_show( oMaster, oParent, fForceRefresh, fFlipTop, yOffset); return false; }; } var ModuleInit = (function() { ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(OverloadMenuHtc_show, "core.js"); })(); // Public interface return { MyCustomItemAction: MyCustomItemAction } }();
This client-side approach is on itself future-proof, and also works online. The only caveat is that online Microsoft may change the javascript handling/code on which this code breaks into, without you knowing. The javascript code can also change due an update to SharePoint on-premise installation, but then you're aware of a change in the SharePoint installation and can prepare for the change in advance.

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