Thursday, December 14, 2017

Automatic Azure AD B2B redemption is not feasible

Azure AD Business-2-Business is the enterprise-ready and secure new approach to enable SharePoint Online external sharing. In this approach, externals are added as guest users in the Azure AD of the inviting company. The guest account in the host Azure AD functions as placeholder to the actual account of the invited guest in external identity administration. Azure AD B2B is an implementation of federated Identity Management.
The process to authorize an external person for access in shared SharePoint Online site consists of 2 steps:
  1. First, Azure AD admin (or anyone who has the “Guest Inviter” role) has to add a guest account to the host Azure AD
  2. Next, site owner can invite the guest account to the external shared site
However, it turns out that there is some usage unclarity and sequence dependency in this process:
  • Usage unclarity: For the first step, the guest receives invite in mailbox to accept / redempt the invite. But next the guest user is redirected to empty Apps page in the tenant of inviting organization ==> no authorizations are granted yet;
  • Sequence dependency: The site owner cannot execute the 2nd step until the Azure AD invite is redempted ==> 'Sharing failed: Sharing to external users is not supported' (which is a misleading / incorrect error message; sharing is supported, yet not to the particular guest account as long (s)he has not redempt the invitation to the hosting Azure AD)
To address the first drawback, which may result in negative first impression with the invited guest ("I only see an empty Apps page, cannot do anything"), you can utilize the PowerShell Azure AD cmdlet 'New-AzureADMSInvitation' with '-SendInvitationMessage' parameter set to false. The result is that the invited guest is not informed yet of the invite to Azure AD, that from the perspective of the guest user is useless anyhow: one can only do something after authorized to a SharePoint site. But the indirect result is that the Azure AD invite is not redeemed - the guest is not made aware nor asked to perform the redemption -, and this results that the site owner cannot add the guest user. A catch22 situation.
A potential way out would be to automatic redempt the Azure AD invitation on behalf of the invited guest. However, this is only possible in case the organization of invited guest itself has an Azure AD tenant. Although the usage of Azure is growing in the market, there is and will remain a large set of organizations that have not themselves an Azure subscription + tenant. And then the automatic redemption on behalf of guest users is not possible.

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