Thursday, December 7, 2017

How-to identify faulty webpart on SharePoint (Online) page

Today business called in distress: they made a change in the start page of an important business site (solution) in SharePoint Online; and next on opening the page in browser it remained loading / spinning.
To support, I was temporary granted contributor authorization, and then applied the following steps to analyze + identify:
  • Step 1: very important, determine whether you can reproduce yourself;
  • Step 2: (answer was yes) Open the page in webpart maintenance mode, by adding "?contents=1" to query string;
  • Identify in the set of webparts on page which one could potential cause a problem; e.g. ImageViewer webpart is very unlikely; but anything that adds content can be;
  • Step 4: Close first of the potential suspect webparts;
  • Step 5: Reopen the page in normal mode, and verify whether it now can load;
  • Step 6: Continue with 4 and 5, until finally the page loads successful again;
  • Step 7: Once the faulty webpart identified, re-add the other ones: open page in edit mode, insert webpart, and select the closed webparts from webpart category 'Closed Parts'
  • Fix the faulty webpart, or delete it from the page.
In this particular situation, a Content Editor WebPart was added to the page that contained script with self-reference to reload the page; resulting in endless loop. This cannot be fixed, best option is to delete from page, and re-code the client script (but make sure to avoid the self-reloading...)

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