Monday, March 5, 2018

Users need 'Use Client Integration Features' permission to launch OneDrive Sync from SharePoint Online library

Business users typical like very much the way-of-working via explorer with files stored in SharePoint libraries. Were we in the past limited to doing that either via IE as browser with 'Open with Explorer', or via setting a Map Network Drive; nowadays the better alternative is to work via OneDrive Sync. Our business users underline that advise. However, some reported that they were unable to execute OneDrive Sync from a specific library, while a colleague could do this successful. My initial suspicions were towards issues with browser (this was actually the case with related user issue, failure to 'Open with Explorer' - there the immediate cause was that person's favorite browser is Chrome iso IE, and Chrome does not support 'Open with Explorer' without additional extensions), automatic Office 365 login not working as it should (recent changed in our tenant from old to new sign-in experience, accompanied by a change from 'Keep Me Signed In' to 'Stay signed in'), inconsistency in the components of the local installed Office 365 suite, missing OneDrive license, ...
However, upon following the investigation route that for colleague it works, I compared their permissions. To observe that the business users for which click on Sync does not launch the OneDrive Sync client, miss the specific permission 'Use Client Integration Features' in their SharePoint authorizations. This is a required permission for a.o. OneDrive Sync launch. Included the permission in their applied Permission Level, and problem resolved.

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